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Happy Crocheters Have to Say!

Great tips to continue learning to crochet. My teacher was informative and friendly and I had a great time.


I really enjoyed this class, It was a small size and the teacher was very friendly and encouraging. Because it is only a two hour class, it is ready just a stepping stone to make you feel more confident about your wool, hook etc has been very thoughtfully put together, a nice touch. I would definitely recommend


Leisa's beginner class was great! She endlessly patient with our questions: "why is this hole so big?", " which hole do I put it in to?" the small class size meant she was always readily available to help!


Thank you Leisa from The Crochet Hut for my crocheted items. The quality and workmanship is incredible, you are very talented at what you do. The baby blanket will be cherished for many years to come, it is stunning and the perfect colour and size. I will definitely be back. Thank you again. 


Leisa was a very patient teacher. Really knows her subject.


Leisa is a great teacher and ever so patience. Has a great amount of knowledge and very talented at crochet and other crafts. I enjoyed the class and learnt a lot. Leisa was well organised and had a bag for each of us and with all we needed. Within hours after the class Leisa sent us the another copy of pattern and any further help we needed to call or text her. Thank you Leisa.


Leisa is absolutely lovely, professional, and a great teacher. I'd recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn a new skill, meet other lovely people and create beautiful crochets.


Lisa was very friendly, patient and helpful. I really enjoyed my class today and have enough confidence to go home and continue to crochet granny squares.


Fantastic day with Leisa
Show bag for class was great value.  Future fan of her workshops. Work during week so time on weekends Excellent


Leisa was a fabulous teacher I had a lot of fun learning granny squares


Absolutely loved learning how to crochet a gingham blanket this afternoon. Highly recommend attending a class to hone your skills, learning to read a pattern and meet some lovely people. Thanks Leisa


I really enjoyed the class. I was shown how to crochet in a way that suited my needs & I was shown as many times as I needed. Thanks for your patience & I look forward to doing another class soon.


This was a great mum & daughter activity. Leisa is a great teacher & generous with her time & resources. We will be back to another lesson with her later in the year.


This was a great mum & daughter activity. Leisa is a great teacher & generous with her time & resources. We will be back to another lesson with her later in the year.


Leisa is a wonderful teacher have been in 3 classes. Kits provided for classes, priced in class fee. Excellent value.


Thank you Leisa , loved my Granny Square course this morning.. Definitely will be doing more courses with you . Thank you for your patience.❤️


A great class to get started! Leisa Is so patient and helpful. Thoroughly enjoyed.


A great class for beginners, Leisa is an amazing teacher and will have you hooked on crochet.


Leisa has done an outstanding job with her workshops. Excellent value Leisa See you next Sunday


Leisa was amazing. She was very patient with my attempts to crochet. I am uncoordinated and she was able to get me started on the basic stitches. The venue was comfortable and items provided were well worth the price of the class. I enjoyed the in-person experience. Thanks Leisa.


Leisa hasI absolutely loved this class. Leisa is a brilliant teacher and there is so much to learn from her. She is very patient and helpful. I would definitely recommend this class done an outstanding job with her workshops. Excellent value Leisa See you next Sunday


Really enjoyed the class with Leisa -very good teacher, so good at her craft. Loved the show
bag full of goodies
Great venue
Learnt how to do a granny square
Will definitely be back for some more classes


Fantastic teacher. Spent individual time with each of us. Explanations clear and easy to understand. Great experience. Well worth the time and money.


My daughter and I went to the Granny Square class with Leisa and had a great time. The class size was small enough to get plenty of help and the venue was lovely and clean. Leisa supplies everything you needed to complete the project and whilst we didn't actually finish our granny square, we left feeling like we get additional help from Leisa if we need it. We will definitely back again.


What a wonderful class! I felt so special as I was presented with my personalised gift bag which contained everything I needed for the class and to continue my crochet at home. Leisa is an inspirational teacher who went above and beyond to make me feel welcome, successful... even as a novice. Thank you so very much Leisa. I will definitely be doing more classes. 


Warm, light and comfortable venue.
Allow extra time if you have never been to Berwick before as the traffic is hit and miss.
The class teacher was friendly and helpful with a sense of humour.
Great materials, a lot of thought had gone into what was provided.
Would happily go to another class.


I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was great to have a very patient teacher as I was an absolute beginner. All materials were provided and Leisa gave very clear instructions. I would highly recommend this class.


Great class. Everything you need is supplied along with a few special treats. Very patient teacher.
Highly recommended ✅


Fantastic class. Learnt so much. Leisa is an excellent and patient teacher giving us all individual attention. Definite value for money with everything supplied. Highly recommend. Looking forward to doing some of her other classes.


Practical and detailed attention to individual needs you will be inspired .


The teacher was friendly and knowledgeable. She was easy to learn from. The venue was warm and light, comfortable and with easy parking. All of the materials were provided and I liked the colour combination I was given. I'll be booking in to do another class with Leisa from The Crochet Hut.


Absolutely love this class. Leisa is patient, knowledgeable, and adaptable. Everyone is made to feel welcome and included, no matter their level of experience or ability. Would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn something new, in a safe and supportive Everything you need is supplied along with a few special treats. Very patient teacher.
Highly recommended ✅


Absolutely love it . Leisa is amazing ❤️❤️❤️ Each time I have gone have met some lovely people . So wonderful to learn and reconnect. Thank you so much Leisa …❤️❤️❤️


Leisa is an amazing teacher. She’s patient and helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone


Leisa is an excellent teacher, so patient and knowledgeable. Such lovely yarn, sea colours supplied to make this beautiful octopus 🐙 the venue is fantastic, easily accessible, warm and welcoming, lighting is great. Everything supplied. Easy parking. Would highly recommend Leisa’s class you won’t be disappointed


Very good atmosphere, enjoyed it, will be back harder to learn than I thought, practice makes perfect. Thank you


Leisa is a wonderful teacher, so patient and knows her craft well, enthusiastically sharing her skills with the class. Such a great atmosphere, venue is fantastic easily accessible with off street parking. Everything supplied with an assortment of crochet supplies and other goodies in a small show bag. Couldn’t ask for a better class. Love learning from Leisa will come back to do her other classes


Cosy room, close to home and great teacher. Love the kit and look forward to next class


Would highly recommend this class. Leisa is a great teacher and explained everything very clearly.


Would highly recommend this class. Leisa is a great teacher and explained everything very clearly.


Fantastic course. Great attention to detail and excellent instructions. I have kept going at home and feel confident that I can do this


I booked a workshop for Leisa to teach my 6 granddaughters ages 8-15 to crochet.
It was fantastic - Leisa was relaxed, patient and fun. All of us left workshop knowing how to crochet a granny square. Leisa’s ability to give each student individual attention while still teaching the class was impressive.
Plus a welcoming bag of goodies with everything we needed for the class (including lollies!) was very generous!
Thanks Leisa - we will be back !


Highly recommend - a great environment for learning and fantastic resources for continuing on your own after the class.


Leisa is very patient in demonstrating the little details in crochet. This is a such friendly beginner class. This is the place if you are interest in Crochet and not knowing the level of your ability.
The learning process is quite individualised and tailored to all levels!
Highly recommended!


This was a great class, all of the materials were provided and our teacher was very knowledgeable and took the time to help everyone in the class learn the techniques. Really enjoyed the afternoon and would recommend!


Leisa was well set up and we could clearly see the stitches she was making. The kit she provided was delightful. Leisa made sure to give each person who needed her attention, exactly what they needed. The class flew by.


Was a great class! Lovely teacher patient in showing me how to crochet and colours of yarn were fantastic.


Love this class! Leisa was so patient and the instructions simple and easy to understand. The end product is adorable and makes such a cute gift!


This was a great introduction to crocheting and it was well worth the time and money. The instructor was fantastic! Patient and knowledgeable, she kept everyone engaged and interested. Thank you!


Very good and fun group learnt what I went for very satisfied


Thank you Leisa for a great class. Your instructions and patience made it so easy to learn and an enjoyable experience.


Teacher is lovely. The welcome pack is absolutely delightful. Yarn is soft and delicious to work with. Venue is nice too. Definitely would attend another class.


Another great course with Leisa of The Crochet Hut. Can't wait for the next


The teacher was very supportive helpful and extra patient with me as I did not have any idea . She was the bestest teacher.


Awesome class, very patient and helpful with all of us , will be going back for more !


Needed more help during class to be helped with crocheting. Class number to high for a learning class.


Thank you Leisa for your Patience and sharing your Love of Crochet. As a beginner I was so impressed with the time you spent with each of us; I will be returning to try another class


Another wonderful class, Leisa is a great teacher, very patient and helpful! Can’t wait to do another class


From the moment I arrived I felt very welcome and supported. With a personalized goody bag, very kind and thoughtful ❤️ I learnt so much in this class and it has inspired me to continue learning crotchet, thank you!!!


Thank you so much for a great class Leisa. The class was easy to follow and Leisa explained things really well.


I really enjoyed this crochet workshop. Naturally we were unable to finish or really start the blanket in the session, but I learned a great trick to tie the magic (slip) knot and a cool method to add a colour.
Materials supplied have been well utilised and I'm sure I will finish my blanket (eventually).
The teacher was really friendly and knowledgeable and very patient with beginning crafters.
The venue was excellent, pretty easy to find, clean, warm and welcoming.


Great class, after failing to pick it up on YouTube, Leisa had me crocheting in 10 mind. Very attentive, small classes and great starter kit provided.


Class had started when we got there, I think it started early? But we caught up pretty fast
The teacher was lovely, very knowledgeable and helpful. Was a great set up and the gift pack was a fun touch
Overall we had a lot of fun and learnt a lot! Might sign up for another class soon :)


Highly recommend- Leisa is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher who is keen to share her extensive experience.


Leisa is very patient and thoughtful. Really appreciate the Stationary pack prepared by her, so lovely! With candies and tea bags, so thoughtful. We enjoyed very much the class.


I enjoyed the session, our teacher was very patient with us. Happy with the goodies bag


Thanks Leisa! Was a great class, loved the supplied starter materials to get me going. Keen to do another class in future. Thanks again:)


It’s was amazing time to learn the crochet with Leisa. She is super amazing and very patiently teaching each and every step. She is very talented and super friendly. I would highly recommend her and I would love to attend her different classes. Thank you Leisa!!


Great class - easier to understand with Leisa showing every step. Class sizes are small and a fantastic welcome pack. Can’t wait to practice now.


Very good class for a beginner! No need to bring hooks or wool, very clear explanations, a lot of individual attention paid to each student. And the teacher was super lovely


I really enjoyed this class, I had no idea what I was doing but our teacher was so patient, at the start I didn’t think I was going to be able to crochet my square but with lots of guidance I made it


Very patient and informative beginner session. Would like at attend another class. Thanks so much Leisa


Leisa was a fantastic teacher, easy to follow instructions and so patient with us all. I loved the class so much, I’m taking part in another class next week with my Mother in law. Highly recommend Leisa’s classes


Leisa was very patient and actually taught me how to crochet. The class was a good small group which meant she could help each person individually. I never thought I would be able to crochet, now I cannot stop. Thank you so much Leisa!


My second lesson with Leisa and by the end of the class I am feeling more confident that I will be able to continue. She has great tips, is very patient and I look forward to seeing her online tutorials in the future.


Leisa was so warm and patient… awesome to walk away with a goodie bag filled with everything to continue the crochet journey at home!!! we had such a great time!!


I really enjoyed this class. It was a small size and the teacher was very friendly and encouraging. Because it is only a two hour class, it is really just a stepping stone to make you feel more confident about following up your interest (or not) in crochet. The goodie bag with your wool, hook etc has been very thoughtfully put together, an nice touch. I would definitely recommend.


The teacher was a layback and calm person. She was so patient and was willing to show how to do something several times without making you feel inadequate. Her lessons were very informative and helpful. The materials were of very high quality and we got to keep everything we used. The venue could have been better and she is going to change venues. On the whole it was a great experience and I would like to do more advanced classes with her.


The teacher was great… patient and knowledgeable. I had fun and I’m already planning my next class!


My class was very educational. Our teacher very patient and taught us all the skills I needed to continue. This was the first time I have crocheted, and are working on my square with a lot of confidence. Look forward to learning cornet to corner when my skills are better. This class I would recommend to anybody who has never crocheted and will be crocheting by the end of the two hours


The class was so lovely! Leisa was friendly and patient, the personalised materials she provided were so cute and practical and it was very exciting to learn something new and also have materials left over to keep practicing!


I have tried for years to learn crochet from books and youtube tutorials, but I have never been able to follow along properly. Leisa was awesome. She showed me how to make a granny square, how to read a pattern and got me comfortable with multiple different stitches. She helped me with my current project and answered all of my issues I couldn't get my head around which made me see what I was doing wrong and why things weren't turning out the way I thought they should. We also started a third project to develop some other techniques, which I am so happy with so far, and how to make a magic ring. Definitely worth the investment.


I have had a fab time making this gorgeous blanket. Fabulous teacher and so kind - allowing make-up classes for anyone who has had to miss any.


Leisa is very knowledgeable and friendly and patient. Was fun to do this pattern with a group of lovely ladies. Everything you need is provided.


Such a lovely class and the goodie bag with all the supplies was just lovely. I really enjoyed the process, Leisa was patient and kind and I’m looking forward to making many more amigurumi


My daughter really enjoyed the class and learnt lots! And I did too! Thank you so much!


Leisa was an amazing teacher. She was so patient and gave great advice. This was such a fun session and I definitely will be booking again!


A very interesting class! This was my first time learning to crochet and the teacher was very patient in helping and encouraging me step by step and she was very well prepared with crochet tools! A very rewarding class!


I was fortunate enough to have an accidental private lesson and Leisa was a patient, clear and thorough teacher. The venue was light and bright and a pleasure to learn in, as well as being easy to find. I really enjoyed learning the beginnings of the granny square! Thank you, Leisa.


I absolutely loved this class. I’ve come away being able to make Granny Squares and already have 3 new projects on the go as I can’t choose which colour to use 1st.
Leisa was fun, easy to follow and explained everything clearly, correcting mistakes even before I spotted them myself.
I’ve already signed up for Leisa’s next class.


Thanks Leisa for another great class. Your expertise and patience makes the projects so easy to learn!


Great introductory course, teacher was very knowledgeable and pleasant.


I really enjoyed the class, slippers were made easy to learn by Leisa!!


Utterly amazing she was so sweet and her patience made the whole experience worth while have never been able to pick it up until this lesson


Great teacher, so patient x


Great class, great teacher. Thanks Leisa.


Leisa was lovely, very patient with the class and very insightful. The class was fun, had a lovely afternoon


This Beginner Granny Square lesson was such a great introduction to crocheting. Leisa has a great way of breaking down the skills and making them achievable. A very relaxed session where I felt comfortable to keep asking questions and starting over. I would highly recommend and will return for more after some practice at home.


Learnt a lot and has great fun today, Leisa is such a good teacher! Thanks again


I had a fantastic time!!! Leisa was extremely patient and a great teacher. Not having crocheted since I was a child it was nice to pick it up again. Gift bags on arrival with our personally named pencil case with more goodies as well. Can’t wait to attend more classes and learn more. Thankyou, I had a great time 😊😊😊


Leisa was a brilliant teacher, so friendly, approachable & patient. Great value for money with supplies provided & of course Leisa’s time & knowledge. The venue was perfect. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn crochet in warm & supportive environment. Thank you will be returning


Great class. Easygoing and enjoyable. The teacher was very patient and personable.


Another very enjoyable class, thank you. Could possibly have gone a little longer as it was a new style of crochet for me


Fantastic Class - this type of crocheting was very simple to pick up. Leisa is an excellent teacher and is very patient and knowledgeable. I am looking forward to booking in another class soon.


Thank Leisa from The Crochet Hut! Had a wonderful time learning Grannie Squares today and super impressed with the gift bag. Thank you for your patients and looking forward to my next course with you. Thank you!


As someone who has tried to teach myself to crochet via Youtube without success, this class was just what I needed. Leisa is a fantastic teacher, instructing the group with patience, and assisting individuals at the pace they need. I loved the personalised bag of class essentials, plus some fun extras! I am excited to practice my new-found skills and hopefully go on to be able to teach myself more, now I have the basics.


Leisa was great, very knowledgeable about crochet. I liked the way she showed us on the video screen first and then went through the group. The group had different skill sets, some had done some crochet and wanted to learn about granny squares, others were new to crochet but did knitting and others were totally new. Leisa also had an assistant who was amazing at showing easy ways to remember things. Totally enjoyed my experience.


My first time ever picking up a crochet hook and I loved it. Very easy to follow instructions given and no question or mistake was too stupid. I will definitely be back for another class.


Leisa was very helpful and patient. She took her time explaining the steps so that we could understand. She even provided us with a show bag containing yarn, a hook and other supplies. It was overall a great experience.


The teacher was very patient and helpful. I learn how to make a granny square and can now do one myself. The class was well worth doing.


Teacher was great,I learnt heaps of good tips and was shown how to do a granny square. I can't wait for the next class. Thankyou.


I thoroughly enjoyed this class and I would recommend anyone wanting to learn to crochet to take one of Leisa's classes. Leisa's patience & teaching style made for a very comfortable and relaxed environment. The goody bag is a great incentive to keep practising at home.


Had a great time! Thank you we learned alot and had fun , really happy with the session


Excellent teacher, Leisa explained the steps clearly and with patience :) everything that we needed was supplied and Leisa gave us a little welcome pack to take home, which was unexpected but very kind. Highly recommend if you’re wanting to learn how to crochet


After trying to learn online without success, this was the class for me! Leisa was fantastic, very patient. I can’t wait to book another class!


Leisa you are so patient and generous with your time. Thanks for a great intro to crochet.


Leisa is great and I had a lot of fun learning to crochet.


This was a wonderful course that taught me lots. Loved the instructor


My niece and I loved this class. I have tried to learn to crochet several times and this was the best teaching I have had. The little packs we were each given made us feel so welcome. It was lovely to be using cotton and not a cheap synthetic. I hope to attend more classes through The Crochet Hut.


Teacher was patient and encouraging, provided tips and tricks and as a self taught crocheter, she gave me easier alternatives. She went above and beyond


Class was fun and process was simplified by Leisa. Made sure there was enough support to help each of the participants along the way. Would highly recommend.


Overall experience excellent, the guidance was great, food Yum!! Very much recommend attending one of these events!

Elizabeth - High Tea on the Seas Crochet Cruise

Excellent afternoon filled with laughter delicious food and fun

Julie - High Tea on the Seas Crochet Cruise

It was a great afternoon & now my ‘I can’t crochet’ friend can say she can!

Merilee - High Tea on the Seas Crochet Cruise

It was an awesome day. From Beginners to more experienced we all had the opportunity to learn something new. . . Now I must go practice that invisible yarn joining knot.

Leanne - High Tea on the Seas Crochet Cruise

Had a fabulous afternoon. The high tea was yummm, gift bag was fun and the boat ride was a lovely way to spend time crocheting with lovely women. Thank you so much.

Sandra - High Tea on the Seas Crochet Cruise

We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise! The class was fabulous and friendly; ladies we sat with were fun; the food was terrific and the weather and scenery topped it all off! Highly recommended....will be doing this again!

Suzanne - High Tea on the Seas Crochet Cruise

The teacher was very nice, venue was good. She helped with what we needed help with and explained it very easily, showed me what I did wrong. A fun experience to do with friends!


Leisa is an excellent teacher. A lovely welcoming and friendly person who made each participant feel at ease, regardless of their ability and provided plenty of assistance one on one as required. The small class was great to be a part of. The venue was also easy to find and a great location and rthe oom for the class was perfect. Thanks Leisa for a great class, I hope to book in for another one soon.


Loved the whole experience!!


I would highly recommend this class for beginners. Leisa is a great teacher with lots of patience who gives easy to understand instructions. I can now hold my yarn to create the right tension and create a granny square! Looking forward to creating something of my own now. Thanks Leisa!


Great class and value for money, well organised with some extra thoughtful touches. Great venue too. Teachers were very welcoming and extremely patient. Makes me want to go again.


Lovely helpful tutors but I probably should have made the men’s size slippers as my tension was a bit tight.  Thank you for a great Sunday class. 😄


My friend and I took the beginner crochet class learning to make slippers. Leisa was a passionate and excellent teacher, able to teach both left and right handed. Her class is taught in the local community centre with live projection of her showing how to do steps onto a big screen was very professional and helped us learn quickly. We will be back to learn more!


Teacher was very helpful.
Nice sized class. Materials provided were good. Building easy to access


Great teacher- learned so much in 2 hours and such patience to really help beginners and more advanced students at the same time. Small class size so you really get individual attention.


The set up was fantastic and the teacher incredibly kind and supportive in our learning.  Great environment and highly recommend it to start the crochet journey.


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